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Brand•muse Podcast: Daron Robertson Interview

In this episode, Philip VanDusen speaks to Daron Robertson, CEO of BroadPath. A true innovator, Daron co-founded and serves as the CEO of Bhive - a revolutionary remote work platform that helps home-based teams stay connected, accountable, and productive.

This trailblazing product enhances the work from home experience by creating a virtual open office environment, utilizing streaming video so team members can see and interact with each other throughout the workday like they never left the office.

Assessing both the effects of the mandatory leap into remote work and what this transition entails moving forward, we discuss the following:

  • The two waves of transitioning to a work from home setup

  • The new norm of working remotely and its effects on team collaboration and productivity

  • How Bhive is able to fill in the growing need for transitioned workplaces to have a sense of connectivity and accountability

  • Why Bhive integrates with Zoom, Skype and other video conferencing applications

  • Launch of HiveLife which takes fostering stronger bonds to a whole new level and addresses social isolation as a result of remote work

  • The top concerns that companies must pay attention to for a seamless transition to working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Why remote work hasn’t taken off and the great cost this reality has posed to society

  • The sustainability or potential permanence of this new work paradigm

  • What it would take to stay the course and commit to making remote work a legitimate option for companies beyond COVID-19

Thanks for listening!



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