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Revolutionizing the virtual work environment, Bhive brings remote employees together into a connected and team driven workspace. Virtually connected, all the time, from anywhere.


Drive exceptional results.

  • Gamification motivates employees to engage, learn and contribute in meaningful ways to drive optimum performance.

  • Live leaderboards and dashboards display key metrics and track daily accomplishments.

  • Graphic representation of schedules instill team accountability. 

  • Widespread alerts and notifications update team members on industry trends, work tips, and more.

Bhive Screenshots - KPI Dashboard02.png
Bhive Screenshots - Timesheet.png

Keep it real.


  • Real-time presence shows employees when their teammates and managers are actually available.

  • Screen viewing + sharing demonstrate working processes and strengthen on the job coaching.

  • Automated time tracking reduces manual mix-ups and graphically showcases work activities.

  • Visual overviews of home office setups ensure compliance and clean desk policies are being met.



Experience true connection.

  • Bring your team closer. Eliminate the barrier of physical distance by showing up to work side by side on the Hive.

  • Social engagement tools make establishing and communicating with your work tribe easy and fun.

  • Skype, Zoom, and Slack can be integrated for enhanced communication.

  • Pulse surveys give you immediate insight into your organizational health and employee engagement.


Adopting Bhive

Introducing Bhive can radically transform the work at home experience through personal connection, organizational transparency, team management and employee engagement. Create trusting partnerships, employee successes, and memorable moments using customizable messaging tools.

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The First Look Webinar  provides an opportunity for the team to virtually meet each other, ask questions, and learn about Bhive's features first-hand. 


See how Bhive can improve your virtual workforce today.