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The Yonder Podcast Ep 47 - BroadPath's Daron Robertson

Jeff Robbins interviews Daron Robertson, CEO of BroadPath, about the ins-and-outs of hiring remote workers in healthcare, managing distributed employees, and making remote work 'work' in a highly regulated industry.

Topics we discuss...

  • Hiring and training seasonal remote workers

  • Scaling up and scaling down a remote workforce

  • Remote work, as it applies to healthcare clients

  • Dealing with high attrition rates

  • Attracting better talent because role requirements are not geographically limited

  • Overcoming hurdles to remote work in the healthcare industry

  • Managing and connecting remote employees using Bhive

  • Recreating an office culture in a remote environment

  • Feeling more accountable when 'working remotely'

  • Using an always-on video camera to keep team members accountable and connected

  • How do you know remote workers are actually working?

  • Book Recommendation for Remote Companies: Who Can You Trust? by Rachel Botsman

  • Effectively training remote workers

  • A day-in-the-life of a BroadPath remote worker

  • How does "flexibility" work for a call center remote worker?

  • Avoiding remote work scams online

  • Want to land a job with BroadPath? Check out their job openings.

  • Any questions for Daron? You can email him directly:

Want to discuss your takeaways from this episode with us? We'd love to share ideas on Twitter @yonder_io!



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