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How to Setup the
Bhive Camera

The Bhive platform revolutionizes how we work remotely – it brings your coworkers to you. It creates an environment where you can easily connect and interact with your coworkers visually. Below are the resources that will help you assemble the Bhive camera – it’s the introduction to discovering the power of connecting to your hive.

Select the camera model that was sent to you.

20190424-BP_L9886 copy.png

Mounted Camera

This Bhive camera is mounted to an arm that is affixed to the back of your desktop monitor.

untitled-24-3-Edit-Edit copy.png

Tripod Camera

This Bhive camera sits on a small tripod that can be placed anywhere in your home office.

Check out the video tutorial below that will help you set up the mounted Bhive camera.

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If you have any questions,
please contact our support team.

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